Membership Information

To be a member of the Humboldt Independent Business Alliance (HumIBA), all you need is a belief that a strong local independent business community is good for Humboldt County!

HumIBA offers two types of memberships:

Business membership in HumIBA is open to any local business operated by Humboldt area residents with substantial authority to make independent decisions about their business operations.

Associate membership is open to individuals or local organizations interested in supporting the mission and goals of HumIBA.

Click here to sign up for HumIBA Business Membership through our website.

Click here to download a form to become a business member of HumIBA.

Business Membership Criteria

In order to join the HumIBA, business owners must answer “yes” to all the following questions:

1. Is your business privately held (not publicly traded)?

2. Do the business owners, totaling greater than 50% of the business ownership, live in Humboldt County?

3. Is your business in Humboldt County, with no corporate headquarters elsewhere?

4. Can your business make independent decisions regarding the name and look of your business, as well as all business purchasing, practices, and distribution?

5. Do you have six or fewer branches or outlets?