Education & Outreach

In additional to offering presentations to schools and community groups and tabling regularly at grocery stores and community festivals, HumIBA participates in two annual special events - Independents Week (the first week in July) and America Unchained (the Saturday before Thanksgiving).

These events are coordinated through the American Independent Business Alliance and there is participation across the nation from IBAs and other concerned citizens.

Indy Week and America Unchained are carried out in partnership with our member businesses, but these events raise awareness and provide education that supports all independent businesses in Humboldt County. Our aim is to change the purchasing habits of our community members for the long term.

July: Independents Week

As we honor national heritage and liberty, we also celebrate our nation's local independent businesses who have given so many citizens opportunity and underpinned and underwritten community life and prosperity.  It's also a time to consider the independent decision-making ability each of us possesses to choose the future of the place we make our home.

Past Indy Week celebrations sponsored by HumIBa have included:

  • scavenger hunts, in-store promotions and activities
  • tabling at Fourth of July celebrations
  • special promotional educational materials aimed at showing the public the importance of "going local"
  • prize drawings
  • local and state governments demonstrating support for and recognition of independent business' role in our daily lives through proclamation

November: America Unchained

The Saturday before Thanksgiving communities around continent are urged to “unchain” for just that one day—to maximize the impact of their dollars and inject potentially millions more into the local economy through joining other residents to do their shopping, dining out and other business only with locally-owned independent businesses. 

We time this important message to reach citizens before they are inundated with a clutter of holiday ads and events.  We hope they will carry this message with them as they do all of their holiday purchasing and other business.