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Note: Local Options Directory advertising/sponsorship is only available to HumIBA members.

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Regular Business Membership - Annual dues
0 employees - $80.00
1-5 employees - $100.00
6-15 employees - $120.00
15+ employees - $160.00

First-time entrance business trial membership - $50

Not sure if HumIBA will be right for you and your business? Tight on funds? Try it out for one year, after that you pay the annual dues rates listed above.

Associate Membership (for community organizations and individuals) - $35

*Please note that any business who gives $250 or more (including donations, membership and directory sponsorship) in our first year will be listed as a founding member (forever).
Founding members play a crucial role as we start up HumIBA. Founding members are listed on our website with a link to your business and get priority promotion on HumIBA materials and advertising.

HumIBA Business Member Benefits

The most important benefit you will receive as a member of HumIBA is our impact on the spending habits of Humboldt County's citizens and businesses. We will help bring you more business through marketing and outreach to Humboldt citizens and visitors. But there are many other benefits, including:

Promotion of Your Business. HumIBA provides members advantages of cooperation without compromising independence by:

  • Bold listing in the Local Options Directory and identification by a HumIBA Crab icon next to member business names.
  • Window stickers to help patrons easily identify you as one of the local businesses that makes Humboldt County unique.
  • Discounted group advertising.
  • Benefits for customers with shared promotions.
  • Instant recognition when you use the HumIBA logo on advertising and in-house displays.
  • Listing of your business on the HumIBA Web site.
  • Group purchase power on promotional products under HumIBA logo.

Advocacy for All Independent Businesses. We use the strength of our numbers to communicate a strong message of commitment to our community. HumIBA will:

  • Increase community awareness of the value of supporting independent, local businesses.
  • Monitor governmental decision processes with the goal of fairness to, and enhancement of independent businesses.
  • Promote members' awareness of relevant issues.
  • Provide a voice on independent business concerns.
  • Maintain communication with other community business organizations.
  • Promote the benefits of locating independent businesses in Humboldt County.

Members are also eligible for additional advertising benefits as Sponsors of the Local Options Directory...

Sponsorships for Local Options Independent Business Directory

Back Cover Logo - $1000 
Logo and business listed on back cover in full color. Also includes logo next to listing inside directory.
Inside Back Cover Logo - $500
Logo and business listed on inside cover in full color. Also includes logo next to listing inside directory.
Business Logo Next to Listing  - $150
Full color logo placed next to directory listing. Help your listing stand out from the crowd!


*Remember that any business who gives $250 or more in our first year will be listed as a founding member. Please consider qualifying as a founding member to get extra credit for your initial support, and to make sure that HumIBA has a successful first year!